Monday, June 25, 2007

Out of Box : POOL

pool ..
never thought about such shots
out of box .. shots !! i must say ..

Monday, June 11, 2007

Domino PC

found this unique video .. he is trying to use PC as a domino ... quite an out of box approach i must say ...

but i didnt like kicking PCs ... and all of them falling one over the other ... hey come one its IT revolution so many people earning the re bread and butter through it ... and these guys are kicking them .... give me a break !!

Saturday, June 9, 2007

3D sound

Virtual haircut ..
really unbelievable .... pinch yourself twice before you believe it ...
headphone is a must

click here or here ....

well there are two out of the box stuff i can think of ...
the concept of 3D sound is out of the box itself ... i wonder how is it done
more examples of 3D sounds can be found here ...
probably the right technical jargon for it is ... audio illusion ..

ok the technology is out of box ..
what else ??
its application to a virtual haircut ... correct ??

GREAT picture

continuing the gates vs bill rally
i found this pic ....
really out of the box caption
and use of logos ...

what say ??

gates vs jobs

found this amazing video...
wonderful ... piece of animation ...

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Steve Jobs on iPhone

Came across this video Steve jobs tries to express his point of view on the iPhone
well what can i say .. it takes a great mind to make a great product

agreed ??

Stay Hungry !! Stay Foolish !!

Well out of the box title i must say
dont get me wrong ... i am your well wisher...
see the following video and let me know what you think of this means

what i thought of
stay hungry for more knowledge
stay foolish encouraging you to learn more discussing rather than believe in preconceived notion

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What a Bird !!

the best trained bird ever !!
Its hard to believe that a bird can do all this


if you face some issue in seeing the video try using Internet Explorer or click here ...

We all know that parrots have gifted ability to speak like humans
ever wondered why ??
no need to wonder any more ... click here to know why

so whats out of the box here ??
well the trainers ability to think of ways to train the bird ..
and even thinking such training is possible !!

Out of the box stuff !! Huh ??

so why another blog ??
this is a very exciting time for web development and entrepreneurship and whats so exciting ??
the collage of new ideas all around us ....
by idea i dont necessarily mean an idea u can bank upon ... idea u can start a company on
but something creative that one comes across
it may be
out of box .. website
out of box .. video
out of box .. pic
out of box .. idea

I dont intend to violate any copyright neither directly nor indirectly
all i want to do is centralize all the "out of the box stuff " scattered across on the web
so that others get motivated to Think differently
and according to me thats the best asset someone can posses

cheerz !!